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Permanent Makeup

Ombre Powder


Ombre Powder is a permanent brow technique for clients who prefer fuller and more defined results than microblading hair strokes, but still want very soft and natural. It's done with a small hand held tattoo pen and sterilized needles to deposit thousands of tiny dots of pigment into the upper layers of the skin, gradually building up the color and defined shape. The tails of the ombre powder brows are darker and fades into light misty fronts. The same ink used for microblading is used for powder brows. The term powder refers to the soft powdery look achieved using this technique. Lasts 2-4 years. 

Microshading / Combo Brows 

Microshading is a combination of microblading and ombre powder. These brows will have microblading strokes toward the front of the brows and ombre powder towards the middle and tail of the brow. Clients must have a good amount of hair in the front of their brows for this technique to look nice. This technique is not recommended for people with oily skin since it has microblading strokes in the front.

Color Correction 


Color correction may be required if you have previous cosmetic tattooing from another artist. Old tattoos can turn red, blue, or grey and will need to be corrected in order to cover and blend with new cosmetic tattoo. Color correction is done in the same appointment with your new permanent makeup procedure. 

Consultation – Free! 

If you are nervous about getting permanent makeup you can come for a consultation and speak with our Permanent Makeup Artist about what you are looking for and they can help guide you to the best procedure for the results you want! If you have previous cosmetic tattooing from another artist, consultation is required to determine whether we can proceed with your permanent makeup procedure or not

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