Permanent Makeup

Aquarelle Lips

The European lip tattooing technique known as Aquarelle Lips is a more modern form of permanent makeup and will not leave you with that "lipstick look" of the past. This is your lip color, but subtly enhanced by creating a very soft outline of your lips with a lip color that is best suited for your skin and desired look. This soft line is blended and shaded when lips are filled with the pigment. This is also referred to as "lip blush" The before and after pictures were taken immediately after the procedure so the lips are slightly swollen, which subsides within 24 hours. 

Powder Brows, Soft Shading and Ombre Brows

Another form of permanent makeup eyebrow treatment is called powder brow. It's different from microblading in that the powder brow technique punctures the skin with a needle to deposit color. The finished look is a "powdered brow", which looks as if a pencil has been used to fill it in rather than individual hair strokes. This technique creates that "pin-up" or "vintage" look and is usually best for clients that want a more solid looking brow or have brows, but want a base color.  This technique does typically last longer than microblading. 

Classic or Shadow Eyeliner 

If you are like me and would rather do any thing than try to put on eyeliner or if you just want that "I woke up like this" look, permanent eyeliner is for you! Choose between the classic crisp look or a softer shadow eyeliner.  Patients state the procedure is virtually painless. 

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