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The M’LIS® Body Contour Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose cellulite and inches since 1979. When the body’s circulation and elimination systems become impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the vulnerable fat cells of the connective tissue. The M’LIS® wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of up to 14 inches, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.

M’LIS® Detoxification is also extremely helpful in the elimination of trapped wastes and toxins. Detoxification works internally, helping to maximize inch loss through body cleansing and the rejuvenation of all body systems. Detoxification is recommended 3-4 times per year for overall health of the body.

The Wrap Process


M’LIS® Body Contour Wraps are provided by a trained spa professional. The process is sanitary, warm, and comfortable. The wraps act upon all factors that cause body misshaping, including excess fluids, trapped waste, cellulite, and tissue weakness. With this ability, along with the natural ingredients in the cream, inch loss is just one of the benefits of the M’LIS® Wrap. Other advantages include re-contouring, skin hydration and smoothing, the restoration of blood circulation, and the cleansing of body tissues for improved health. A series of 3 to 6 Body Contour Wraps is recommended, with 4 to 7 days between each wrap. If a client is overweight and on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 to 10 pounds lost.

At Home Care


The inch loss results achieved through a M’LIS® Body Contour Wrap can be maximized with an at home anti-cellulite regimen. The M’LIS® Home Care Kit can be purchased for use between wraps when done in a series, increasing future inch loss results, or after a single wrap to prolong the circulation and cleansing process. The Kit contains natural products including:  

  • MAINTAIN Anti-Cellulite Lotion, used topically after bath or shower on the areas that are being treated for cellulite and inch loss. Maintain helps to promote the concentration of active ingredients on the skin in order to continue circulation and cleansing, while tightening and toning the skin.

  • Loofah Brushing is done to stimulate circulation and remove dead cells on the skin surface. Friction on the sponge causes stimulation without damage to the skin. On a daily basis and each time you shower, rub in circular motions upward from the knee to the waist. On other parts of the body, always brush toward the heart.


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