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. The photometer, which also has the capability to detect changes in ozone levels (O3), measures the irradiance of light in all the wavelengths, in which visible light is made of shorter wavelengths, from the ultraviolet to the visible light spectrum. By measuring the amount of light of each wavelength, the photometer is able to calculate the total amount of light that makes up the visible spectrum, thus being able to calculate the whole color of the object (through the amount of light of each wavelength) and to determine the color temperature. Ozone Monitoring Instrument The OMI’s instrument is a total infrared photometer able to detect different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. By analyzing the amount of energy each wavelength contains, OMI can show us the total amount of heat and the radiation heat of the whole atmosphere. The OMI can also analyze the distribution of O3 in the atmosphere, showing us the current distribution and the vertical gradient of ozone in the atmosphere. Measurement of Water Vapor in the Troposphere The Microwave Humidity Sounder (MH) measures the amount of water vapor in the troposphere (in order to determine weather parameters such as temperature, pressure and wind). It is a total reflectance radiometer able to measure humidity from 0 to 10 km altitude (it is available from an altitude of about 500 km up to 6.8 km). Radiation Budget of Earth The System of Air Quality and Climate in Europe (SAFE) is the first and only European system which combines all the sources of pollution in a comprehensive way. The SAFE Programme is a collaboration between ESA and the European Environment Agency (EEA) in order to gather data and measurements to detect and study the causes of air pollution. Data collected by SAFE Programme is used in the European Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme (EMEP). The SAFE Programme collects data from ESA’s ENVISAT satellite, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument, the Global Radiation Budget Experiment and the UCL Earth Observatory from satellites, meteorological stations and ground-based stations. The SAFE Programme’s basic aim is to study the radiation budget of Earth and its variability on seasonal and annual scales, paying special attention to the role of different factors (such as aerosols, cloud cover, vegetation, emissions from ships and aircraft, anthropogenic emissions, solar influences, clouds, etc.) in shaping the radiation balance of the atmosphere. The SAFE Programme’s main scientific




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